Graco Contractor Gun Rac X Tip 288420


Graco 2 Finger Contractor Gun with Rac X Reversible Tip


Graco Contractor Gun with RacX 517 Tip

2 Finger Trigger

The Contractor and FTx Guns from Graco are designed to be the longest lasting, most reliable airless spray guns! You’ll get the maximum performance, reliability and comfort you’ve come to expect from Graco.

Product Highlights:
Exclusive FlexSeal Needle design for longer life and maximum performance

  • Needle has no exposure to paint reducing wear, resulting in 70% longer needle life.
  • Reduced gun spitting – seat has been re-positioned closer to the tip, 60% “dead space” eliminated.
  • Spring is outside fluid path to eliminate pack out and slow needle shut-off.

Part#  288420


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